Assisting monitoring and management in Kakadu

Northern Hub and Threatened Species Recovery Hub researchers have contributed their expert ecological knowledge towards the development of Kakadu National Park’s Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP). It includes range of indicators to assess actions under Kakadu’s Management Plan 2016-2026 to manage, protect and conserve the park. Northern Hub leader Michael Douglas, along with Samantha Setterfield, Alaric Fisher, Graeme Gillespie, Dani Stokeld and John Woinarski joined Parks Australia and Department of Environment and Energy staff in a two-day workshop to discuss appropriate ecological indicators and targets which could be used to determine if management actions are having their desired outcomes.

“Hub researchers and Kakadu’s Traditional Owners and staff have contributed their extensive ecosystem knowledge to the PMP,” says Professor Douglas. “This means that the best current wisdom about Kakadu is being used to protect and conserve the park’s natural and cultural values.”

The plan will go to the park’s Board of Management, made up of a majority of Traditional Owners, for their final input and approval shortly. For more information, see our Kakadu projects page.

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