Living Landscapes, Local Livelihoods

23 August 2017

Hub researcher Professor Michele Burford (Griffith University) travelled to far north Queensland last week to give an update on Gulf research at the “Living Landscapes, Local Livelihoods” conference.

Hosted by the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group in collaboration with the Gulf Cattleman’s Association and the Mitchell River Watershed Management Group, the meeting was an opportunity for stakeholders to engage around natural resource topics in the northern Gulf region.

“Regional natural resource managers are well placed to implement on-ground actions informed by our research in Gulf of Carpentaria rivers,” Professor Burford said.

“Our research is investigating how Gulf rivers work and how they may respond to future water use. We’ll be able to answer questions like which waterholes should be maintained in the dry season? What are the effects of reducing wet season flows? Which rivers are most important for fisheries and migratory birds?”

You can read more information on the Hub projects here and here.

Michele Burford Chillagoe

Photo by Northern Gulf Resource Management Group.

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