Celebrating Threatened Species Day

7 September 2017

A research partnership between the Northern Hub and the Threatened Species Recovery Hub is supporting sustainable development in northern Australia by helping to protect, restore and manage threatened biodiversity in the region.

Project leader Associate Professor Jeremy VanDerWal from James Cook University says the research will help direct land management and prioritise investment to reduce the impacts of threats on threatened species and to bolster their recovery in northern Australia.

“Northern Australia has extraordinary biodiversity but it continues to face many threats including invasive animals, weeds, overgrazing, climate change, modified fire regimes and changed land and water use,” he explained.

“Our research is mapping and modelling the distribution of threatened species and the threats they face.”

“Together, maps like these will identify high-priority areas where we can make a real difference in reducing threats and bolstering the recovery of threatened species in northern Australia.”

Read more about the project Prioritising threatened species in northern Australia.

This preliminary ‘hotspot’ map shows where threatened mammals in northern Australia may be concentrated and therefore which areas may need better management or more protection.

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