Critical knowledge gaps to prioritise northern Australia government research investment

This project will identify knowledge gaps that are critical to addressing the Hub’s research priorities and which align with the research needs of other research users across northern Australia.

Using a highly collaborative process involving researchers and research users from the Department of the Environment, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and key collaborators from northern Australia, research needs will be identified based on desktop reviews and through regional meetings and workshops. The collaborative approach is designed to foster a higher level of research adoption into policy and on ground action.

  • Synthesis reports on the state of knowledge for key issues affecting northern Australian environmental resources;
  • A set of collaborative research project proposals for inclusion in Research Plan Version 2.

This research will apply to the entire Northern Hub region.

Northern Hub research area map

Michael Douglas (Project Leader, UWA), Michelle Burford (Griffith University), Alison King (CDU), Dan Metcalfe (CSIRO), Natalie Stoeckl (JCU).