Other Publications

Multiple benefits and knowledge systems of ILSMPs: Dec 2017 (policy note)
West Kimberley research overview: May 2017 (brochure)
Top End research overview: May 2017 (brochure)
North Queensland research overview: May 2017 (brochure)
Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasons calendar
Ngan’gi seasons calendar
MalakMalak and Matngala plant knowledge calendar
Kunwinjku seasons calendar
Gooniyandi seasons calendar
Walmajarri seasons calendar
Ngurrungurrudjba (Yellow Water) seasons calendar
Guide to threatened species of Kakadu National Park including other plants and animals of interest
Kakadu Floodplain Inundation Frequency Map
Fishes of Nyul Nyul Country (poster)
Inter-comparison of atmospheric correction algorithms for MODIS: Evaluation with emphasis on coastal waters (poster)
Monitoring the impacts of saltwater intrusion on sediment communities (poster)
A guide to sharks of Kakadu rivers
Largetooth Sawfish Species Information Sheet No.1
Giving Green briefing note – Indigenous land and sea management
Camping at Kawidji Kurulk Country (poster)
Kakadu National Park Symposia Series Symposium 7: Conservation of threatened species, 26–27 March 2013
Chapter 9: North Australian tropical savannas: the Three Parks Savanna Fire-Effects Plot Network

Biodiversity and Environmental Change: Monitoring, Challenges and Direction , Russell-Smith, J, Edwards, AC, Woinarski, JCZ, Fisher, A, Murphy, BP, Lawes, MJ, Crase, B, ISBN: 9780643108561

The hydrogeomorphic influences on alluvial gully erosion along the Mitchell River fluvial megafan
Facilitators’ Guide to Indigenous Water Planning: Indigenous Water Planning & Engagement Overview
Facilitators’ Guide to Indigenous Water Planning: Resource Modules Summary