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West Kimberley research overview: May 2017 (brochure)
Top End research overview: May 2017 (brochure)
North Queensland research overview: May 2017 (brochure)
Alluvial gully erosion rates and processes across the Mitchell River fluvial megafan in northern Queensland, Australia
Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasons calendar
Ngan’gi seasons calendar
MalakMalak and Matngala plant knowledge calendar
Kunwinjku seasons calendar
Gooniyandi seasons calendar
Walmajarri seasons calendar
Ngurrungurrudjba (Yellow Water) seasons calendar
Journal article: Multiple cameras required to reliably detect feral cats in northern Australia tropical savanna: an evaluation of sampling design when using camera traps
Presentation: Environmental DNA – Forensic DNA detection of aquatic species and profiling of entire biological communities
Presentation: Otoliths (fish ear stone): natural recorders of change in aquatic environments
Presentation: Tracing water sources and greenhouse gases using field-based stable isotope techniques
Presentation: Emerging remote environmental monitoring techniques
Presentation: DNA-based methods for indirect estimation of population size and individual body condition
Presentation: RPAS for environmental monitoring in northern Australia
Presentation: Using animal audio for species detection
Presentation: Underwater video for surveying fauna
Presentation: Camera Traps for Terrestrial Biodiversity Monitoring in northern Australia
Integrated cross-realm planning: a decision-makers’ perspective (framework synthesis and case study)
Co-benefits and trade-offs between agriculture and conservation: A case study in northern Australia

Biological Conservation, N. Stoeckla, T. Chaiechia, M. Farra, D. Jarvisa, J.G. Álvarez-Romeroc, M.J. Kennardc, V. Hermosoc, R.L, Pressey, November 2015

Integrated cross-realm planning: a decision-makers’ perspective

Biological Conservation, Alvarez-Romero, JG, Adams, VM, Pressey, RL, Douglas, M, Dale, A, Auge, AA, Ball, D, Childs, J, Digby, M, Dobbs, R, Gobius, N, Hinchley, D, Lancaster, I, Maughan, M, Perdrisat, I, July 2015

Kakadu Floodplain Inundation Frequency Map