Protocols for Indigenous fire management partnerships (presentation)
Mapping to manage littoral rainforest (presentation)
Establishing environmental water requirements for the Daly River, NT (presentation)
Biosphere stewardship – reflections from indigenous governance systems and ethics of care and reciprocity (presentation)
The role of communities and indigenous knowledge for stewardship across scales (presentation)
Knowledge brokering with Indigenous land managers to support informed decisions (presentation)
Daly River fish and flows project (key findings presentation)
Appendix 4: Reporting back – Kimberley discussions
Appendix 3: Reporting back – NT discussions
Appendix 2: Reporting back – Nth Qld discussions
Environmental DNA – Forensic DNA detection of aquatic species and profiling of entire biological communities (presentation)
Otoliths (fish ear stone): natural recorders of change in aquatic environments (presentation)
Tracing water sources and greenhouse gases using field-based stable isotope techniques (presentation)
Emerging remote environmental monitoring techniques (presentation)
DNA-based methods for indirect estimation of population size and individual body condition (presentation)
RPAS for environmental monitoring in northern Australia (presentation)
Using animal audio for species detection (presentation)
Underwater video for surveying fauna (presentation)
Camera traps for terrestrial biodiversity monitoring in northern Australia (presentation)
Appendix 1: Report on the National Indigenous Fire Knowledge and Fire Management Forum
Knowledge sharing partnerships to explore and protect freshwater places (presentation)
Nyul Nyul Freshwater Research and Monitoring Project (presentation)
Monitoring turtles and dugongs on Wunambal Gaambera country: a collaborative research approach (presentation)
Collaborative Research to Manage Freshwater Habitats on Lama Lama Country, Cape York (presentation)
Why is biodiversity important to recreational anglers? (presentation)