Positive effects of ILSMPs

19 July 2018

The positive effects of Indigenous Land and Sea Management programs (ILSMPs) on the wellbeing of Indigenous people are assessed in a recent paper arising from a Hub project led by Professor Natalie Stoeckl of James Cook University. The paper, published in Ambio by researcher Dr Silva Larson and others, shows that ‘Knowing that country is being looked after the right way’ and ‘Having legal right/access to country’ were the most important factors to interviewees’ wellbeing. These two factors plus ‘Feeling strong in our culture’ were the factors most strongly linked to the Native Title/Indigenous Protected Area processes and ILSMPs. The paper also outlines the novel approach taken to determine the impacts of these programs on Indigenous people. Face-to-face interviews with 67 Ewamian people living in north Queensland and in the Brisbane/Cherbourg area asked participants about which factors are important to their wellbeing and how important each factor is. They were also asked how satisfied they are with each factor, thinking about both the present time and the time before the ILSMP started. Finally, participants talked about their perceived reasons for any change in wellbeing since the program started. Combining these answers gives insights into the extent and importance of the ILSMPs. Read the summary of the paper here.

Photo: Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation.

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