Floodplains, fish & food webs

1 November 2018

It’s been all action on the Mitchell floodplains in far north Queensland, with researchers, local rangers and pastoralists working together to find sampling sites, collect samples and share stories as part of a Hub project investigating the environmental water needs of the river. Teams have collected ear bones (otoliths) from over 300 fish to understand how different fish species move around the river and floodplains, and examined which small creatures live in floodplain wetlands and riverine habitats to see what food resources are present. Watch this video to see more! Researchers also spent some time with kids in the Junior Ranger Program at Kowanyama school, discussing food webs and looking after floodplains, and want to do more of this after a great reception from the kids (see some pics here). For more information see this project update or contact Professor Stuart Bunn or Dr Ben Stewart-Koster at Griffith University.

Mitchell River backpack electrofishing, photo Doug Ward.


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