NESP Northern Hub marketplace

27 November 2018

Feedback on a recent ‘Research Marketplace’ hosted by the Northern Hub at the annual Territory NRM conference rated the session highly, with scores of over 80% for content, presentation and organisation.

The marketplace kicked off with eight short presentations – researchers ‘selling their wares’ –  in this case the latest research on projects including gamba grass and fire, mine rehabilitation, the multiple benefits of Indigenous land management programs, prioritising threatened species, Gulf mangrove dieback and finding Gouldian Finches with eDNA.


TNRM NESP workshop

Jane Thomas at the 2018 NESP Northern Hub workshop from 2018 TNRM Conference


Following the showcase, each presenter hosting a market stall/table – participants then voted with their feet and visited their top stalls (luckily all presenters got a sale!), asking questions, discussing the science and giving feedback.

Finally all ‘sellers’ shared the key messages they heard from buyers so that all can use and action this feedback. For more information please contact Hub Knowledge Broker [email protected].


Norm Duke TNRM conference

Norm Duke in the marketplace discussion from the 2018 TNRM conference.

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