Integrated environmental assessments in the north

31 July 2019

The 2019 Developing Northern Australia (DNA) Conference was held in Karratha in early July.

At the conference, Hub Leader Professor Michael Douglas facilitated a panel discussion that brought together Traditional Owners, academics and agriculturalists to exchange views on how integrated environmental assessments could support sustainable development in the north.

The NESP Northern, Threatened Species Recovery and Tropical Water Quality Hubs participated in the panel and reinforced the importance of using science to inform sustainable northern development.

This video gives a brief summary of the panel and the conference.



Prof Martine Maron in discussion after the panel

Developing Northern Australia Conference opening

Panel group photo after discussion (absent: Ian Baker)

Ian Baker, Martine Maron and Damien Parriman during the panel.

Damien Parriman speaks during the panel session.

Michael Douglas introduces the session.

Ian Baker and Damien Parriman in discussion pre-panel.

Michael Douglas and Cissy Gore-Birch in discussion at the DNA conference.

Michael Douglas in discussion at the NESP Northern trade table.



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