Developing Our Knowledge Our Way Guidelines

19 September 2019

The Northern Land Council’s 2019 Indigenous Ranger Forum was held on Kenbi lands from 27-29 August.

Rangers attended from all across northern Australia, with rangers making journeys from as far away as the Torres Strait and Broome to attend the forum.

Researchers from Hub project Knowledge brokering for Indigenous land management facilitated a series of five workshops at the forum. This project, led by CSIRO’s Dr Ro Hill and NAILSMA’s Ricky Archer, has been working with Indigenous land and sea managers to document case studies to build the Our Knowledge Our Way Guidelines: highlighting best practice examples of how Indigenous knowledge has been incorporated into environmental management and economic opportunities the right way.

CSIRO’s Emma Woodward and Pia Harkness used guideline case studies as starting points for conversations about important inclusions, best formats for accessibility and the ongoing value of accessible information and knowledge for ranger groups across the continent. The comments on the guidelines, which have been developed in conjunction with the Australian Committee for IUCN, were recorded to ensure the final guidelines can best serve Indigenous and other land managers in the future.


Our Knowledge Our Way in Caring for Country Guidelines

Our Knowledge Our Way Guidelines summary


NLC Ranger Forum 1 NLC Ranger Forum note taking photo NLC Ranger Forum individual feedback photo




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