NESP Northern Hub wrap-up

26 August 2021

The Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub addressed key research questions to come up with practical, on-ground solutions to some of the north’s most complex environmental challenges.


Researchers and Indigenous rangers surround a research boat on the banks of the Fitzroy River in Western Australia.

Hub researchers Leah Beesley, Chris Keogh and PhD Student Thiaggo de Castro Tayer sampling fish and algae in collaboration with Yimardoo Warra Rangers Jeremiah Green and Shaquille Millindee. Photo: Michael Douglas.

A transdisciplinary research approach has been at the heart of the hub. Integrating key research users – policy-makers and land managers including Traditional Owners and ranger groups – into the co-design of research projects has led to rapid uptake of research outcomes into land management practices and decision-making.

Hub projects have had impact in 4 broad areas: the importance of rivers and their flows, supporting Indigenous natural resource management and alternative economies, developing new approaches for monitoring and communicating about environmental resources, and managing threatened species and threatening processes.

The hub has produced a wrap-up video outlining these impacts from the perspectives of research users as well as a collection of wrap-up resources related to these projects.

The hub extends its gratitude and congratulations to all who have been involved in its successful 6-year program and looks forward to continued and new collaborations under the Resilient Landscapes Hub.

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