Vanessa Adams
University of Tasmania

Vanessa Adams PhotoDr Vanessa Adams, Senior Lecturer in Conservation and Planning

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What are your research interests as they relate to northern Australia?

My research focuses on how to plan for multiple objectives, such as economic development and species conservation, to support management decisions that improve the environment and the communities it supports. Northern Australia is the perfect place for this. Examples of research questions I have answered (in partnership with other scientists, government and a diverse range of stakeholders) are:

  • planning for development and conservation in the Daly River catchment
  • designing cost-effective weed management strategies
  • estimating the financial risks of invasive grasses (such as gamba grass) to emerging carbon offset mechanisms such as savanna burning.

What do you love about working in northern Australia?

I find the landscapes of northern Australia to be very dramatic and diverse. There’s always something new and amazing to explore. It’s hard to pick just one place that’s my favourite. I have loved working in partnership with National Parks across northern Australia, such as Litchfield and Kakadu, as well as with communities such as landholders in the NT’s Daly River catchment.

My Projects

Current projectCompleted project
NESP, 2015-2021NERP, 2012-2015TRaCK, 2005-present