NERP Northern Australia Hub

August 2015

The impacts of gamba grass in Litchfield National Park (NT) and how NERP research is helping park managers better direct their resources to control the threat have been highlighted in a new video. Gamba grass is a serious environmental problem in northern Australia. The grass was heavily promoted and highly valued as an alternative pasture for cattle during the 1980s, due to its prolific growth and an ability to thrive under harsh conditions. In the 1990s, the weed began to spread outside pastoral land. A lack of information about its biology and environmental impacts at the time sparked several Charles Darwin University research projects, led by Associate Professor Samantha Setterfield under the Hub. In the video, Dr Setterfield explains how researchers are continuing to quantify the weed’s current impacts and spread patterns, while Northern Territory Parks’ rangers explain how the research is underpinning a five year integrated conservation strategy for the park.

July 2015

A day in the life of Yirralka Rangers and their love for the job is highlighted through this documentary film, ‘Let’s care for this country.’ The film is co-directed and co-written by the Yirralka Rangers and the Blue Mud Bay community of Baniyala and is intended for a wider audience. It highlights the importance of the ranger program to the community, the diversity of ranger roles, ranger participation in traditional Yolngu practices, and the beauty of the country they live and work in.

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