Review of models, frameworks and decision support tools for northern Australia

There is a need to develop and trial spatially explicit tools that can guide planning and management decisions that support a mix of multiple uses and protected areas while maintaining environmental values.  An important first step is to ensure that tools which are selected for development/trial suit end-user needs and can be feasibly developed with available resources.

Review international, national and northern Australian literature, and interview northern stakeholders to document applications of modelling tools. Hold interviews and workshops to elicit strengths and limitations of the various tools for stakeholders and identify potential opportunities for the development/trial of modelling tools in northern Australia.

  • A report that documents the different modelling tools that have been developed and trialled in northern Australia and elsewhere;
  • A report that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of different modelling tools, and documents ways in which modelling tools could be made ‘more useful’ from the perspective of key northern Australian stakeholders;
  • Potential future research/trial opportunities that could be considered for the NAER Hub’s next research plan.

Entire Northern Hub region.

northern region map

Natalie Stoeckl (Project Leader, JCU), Mark Kennard (Griffith University), Vanessa Adams (UQ), Dave Pannell (UWA)