August 2013

Researchers have identified gamba grass and other invasive weeds as a potential threat to landholder involvement in environmental offset programs such as the Carbon Farming Initiative.

Strategic savanna burning is one way to reduce Australia’s carbon emissions and create new markets in northern Australia, but the increased fuel load and emissions from weed infestations could make it unfeasible.

December 2012

A team of researchers from the Northern Australia Hub, in collaboration with Kakadu National Park staff and Traditional Owners, has been investigating aquatic biodiversity on the rivers and floodplains. In August 2012, the researchers collected samples of algae, insects and fish from 20 sites across Kakadu using sweep nets, plankton filters and electrofishing. They are now analysing the chemical signature of these samples to determine food web links between rivers, floodplains and estuaries.

This research will provide a better understanding of the importance of floodplains to freshwater biodiversity across the north, and inform water resource management. For example, by helping to determine where fish and other animals get their food for growth and reproduction.

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