Science for northern Australia

What does the future hold for northern Australia’s environment? We can’t predict what happens next, but we can plan for a sustainable future to support communities and natural and cultural environments through science and knowledge.

The Northern Australia Environmental Resources Portal brings together over a decade of environmental knowledge to help us manage opportunities and expectations for the land and water resources of the north.

Research from the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRaCK) consortium and the National Environmental Research Programme’s (NERP) Northern Australia Hub has led to a dramatic increase in the knowledge and evidence available to underpin improved planning, management and policy in northern Australia. The lessons learnt from this research are now being applied and built on in the current National Environmental Science Programme’s (NESP) Northern Australia Environmental Resources Hub.


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The North Australia News Roundup is an informal collation of news relevant to developing northern Australia. It includes policy news, land and water news, industry news and biodiversity news. It aims to facilitate cross-sector and cross-region knowledge sharing, and more informed decisions about the future of the region. Please send any relevant news in via a dot point and link, and let us know what you think of the Roundup!

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