Fact Sheets

Knowledge brokering at the Kimberley Ranger Forum: Summary of a report to the Kimberley Land Council
Multi-objective planning in northern Australia (scenario planning info sheet)
Multiple benefits and knowledge systems of ILSMPs: Dec 2017 (project update)
Assessing mangrove dieback in the Gulf (start-up factsheet)
Recycling, rubbish and marine debris on Cape York (wrap-up factsheet)
Multiple benefits and knowledge systems of ILMPs: June 2017 (project update)
Gulf rivers and productivity: May 2017 (project update)
Developing eDNA methods for tropical waters (start-up factsheet)
Tools and models to support sustainable development decisions in northern Australia (wrap-up factsheet)
Remote environmental monitoring in northern Australia: Scoping key research needs (wrap-up factsheet)
Mapping to manage tropical littoral rainforest (wrap-up factsheet)
Feral cats and small mammal decline in Kakadu National Park (wrap-up factsheet)
Identifying high-priority areas in northern Australia for threat abatement and species recovery (wrap-up factsheet)
Prioritising threatened species in northern Australia (start-up factsheet)
Managing savanna riparian zones (start-up factsheet)
Fire and weeds in the Top End (start-up factsheet)
Defining metrics of success for feral animal management in northern Australia (start-up factsheet)
Knowledge brokering for Indigenous Land Management (start-up factsheet)
Kakadu National Park’s threatened species (start-up factsheet)
Links between Gulf rivers and coastal productivity (start-up factsheet)
Economic values and Indigenous Protected Areas across northern Australia (wrap-up factsheet)
Savanna carbon sequestration method (start-up factsheet)
Indigenous NRM in Kakadu National Park (start-up factsheet)
Indigenous water requirements in the Fitzroy River catchment (start-up factsheet)
Multiple benefits and knowledge systems of ILSMPs (start-up factsheet)