Underwater video for surveying fauna (presentation)
Camera traps for terrestrial biodiversity monitoring in northern Australia (presentation)
Appendix 1: Report on the National Indigenous Fire Knowledge and Fire Management Forum
Knowledge sharing partnerships to explore and protect freshwater places (presentation)
Nyul Nyul Freshwater Research and Monitoring Project (presentation)
Monitoring turtles and dugongs on Wunambal Gaambera country: a collaborative research approach (presentation)
Collaborative Research to Manage Freshwater Habitats on Lama Lama Country, Cape York (presentation)
Why is biodiversity important to recreational anglers? (presentation)
The state of aquatic biodiversity, and current and emerging management challenges (presentation)
Using social network analysis to study collaboration among NRM organisations in northern Australia (presentation)
Floodplain inundation and vegetation dynamics in the Alligator Rivers region (Kakadu) of northern Australia assessed using optical and radar remote sensing
River to landscape connections and biodiversity (presentation)
Kawidji Camp in the Djelk IPA (presentation)
Milerrelerre Biodiversity Survey – A Report by the Warddeken Rangers – August 2013 (presentation)
Ngangkan Culture Camp and Biodiversity Survey (presentation)
Warddeken camera trap results 2013 (presentation)
Bushwalking, bokno, cats and cameras (presentation)
Dukaladjarrandj Camp 2013 – A report by the Djelk Rangers (presentation)
Ngangkan Culture and Survey Camp – 19 – 30 July 2012 (presentation)
The Yintjingga Aboriginal Corporation’s Lama Lama Rangers
North Australian pastoralists and graziers are ready for contractual biodiversity conservation (presentation)