Indigenous engagement in the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge program: A review of policies, strategies and research activities
Monitoring river health in the wet-dry tropics: strategic considerations, community participation and indicators
Alluvial gully erosion: A dominant erosion process across tropical northern Australia (report)
Northern Australia Aquatic Ecological Assets – Summary Report
Discussion Paper: Reflections on Researching and Developing Indigenous Livelihoods on Country
Quantifying interception associated with large-scale plantation forestry in the Northern Territory
Resident perceptions of the relative importance of socio-cultural, biodiversity, and commercial values in Australia’s Tropical Rivers
Soil hydraulic properties of land units associated with the Oolloo Dolostone – Chapter 6
Flow guidelines for water management agencies
Developing an effective conservation and sustainable use economy: two Arnhem Land case studies
Integrated Science Support for Managing Australia’s Tropical Rivers: A Case Study in the Daly River Catchment
Trial of the Framework for the Assessment of River and Wetland Health (FARWH) in the Wet/Dry Tropics for the Daly and Fitzroy Rivers
Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions in the Lower Fitzroy River, Western Australia
Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows – Final report
Nutrients and primary production in the Flinders River
Indigenous Rights in Water in Northern Australia – NAILSMA/TRaCK Project 6.2
Socio-Economic Activity and Water Use in Australia’s Tropical Rivers: A Case Study in the Mitchell and Daly River Catchments
Assessment of the potential costs and benefits of water trading across northern Australia
Malak Malak River Monitoring Report: 2009 – 2010
Gooniyandi River Monitoring Report: 2009-2010
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Indigenous socio-economic values and river flows – A Summary of Research Results: 2008-2010
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